Time line tools

A time line creation site I think is pretty cool is http://timeline.knightlab.com/ because it makes creating a time line easy and gives step by step instructions. I also love how the finished time lines look.


Another update

I have collected quite a few things for the project and will show a draft of it to my instructor later on today.

Interactive projects, the future?

So I’ve got to say I just participated in an online interactive project and it was….really fun. I see this type of project booming in the future because even though it deals in history, it makes completing the project enjoyable. I’m actually happy right now. If the projects are like the one I participated in there is no stopping them from becoming the next big thing in logging and making history information easier to obtain. Like Wikipedia, these projects get people from all over the world to help input information in certain places were anyone can go to research any topic under the sun. It also makes people feel accomplished because they know they are making a difference, no matter how small.

Project update

So I’ve finally picked WordPress as my project venue. I had a feeling I would from the beginning. I have collected photos and information on porcelain dolls in America and I have all of it saved in a file. I’m going to add more before I start putting my project together on the internet.

The future

Thinking about the future of digital history kind of gives me a headache because I don’t really have any clue as to what people will come up with. When I think about it all I come up with is advancements on what’s already available. Like, maybe some kind of hologram emitting laptop that shows history scenes or something like that, I dont know. Or maybe taking a photograph and issuing a hologram onto the desk area, that shows in detail the makings of whatever said picture is. I feel like I’m basically babbling, but this is what’s going on inside my head.

Project update

I’ve decided to do the history of porcelain dolls in America. I’ve got a few of them and it helped me zero into a smaller selection of dolls as opposed to just the topic of “dolls”. I’ve also gotten my new laptop and am deciding between two sites. More updates to come


I have posted five images on the site, novahistory.ctevans.net. The titles are: church road, monument, big city, the temple, and cig. The site is kind of confusing as it gives no confirmation once I submit the photos, which I took myself. Hopefully it worked.

Project update

So I’ve decided to narrow my final project down to the history of american dolls. And I may pick a certain type, like porcelain. I havent been able to get started yet, due to computer problems. However my new laptop comes tomorrow so I’ll get right to it.

Real and fantasy

This is something that interests me and the sad thing is I’ve never really thought about it. At first I didn’t really understand what was meant by reality and non-reality of the digital world. However reading through information provided it all clicked. Take a picture of an old school building that is no longer standing but is preserved in a photograph. That is non-reality because it no longer exists in that form outside of the photograph. Reality would be a picture of the White House taken in 2015, it is the same as it is at this point in time, therefore its still, “real”.